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How we help with Moisture Control

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We Offer Moisture Control Services in The Carolinas

Some of the pests that might invade your home don’t look like insects or animals. Fungus could be lurking deep within the framework of the house. Moisture trapped in the walls could be an invitation to termites and beetles. It can also lead to dry rot, which causes expensive damages. Uncontrolled mold can expose your family to serious health problems.

A basic requirement in pest control management is being alert to the signs of mold and mildew. This is why Nelon-Cole Moisture & Water Control Division offers mold remediation services.

This work begins with moisture control, and the process begins by recognizing the signs, which include musty odors, peeling paint, doors, and windows that stick, sagging floors and foundation damage. We’ll enter the crawlspace and check the quality and condition of each vent, including automatic foundation vents and crawlspace encapsulations.

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Comprehensive Mold Remediation in The Carolinas

We are certified mold remediation specialists. This means we can safely remediate the mold, clean up any damage and provide restoration of the space.

If you notice signs of mold or suspect that you have a problem in your residence or business, your first step should be to contact us immediately.

We will inspect your property for conducive conditions and recommend a comprehensive solution.

Finally, we will recommend a program to prevent future reoccurrence.

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Don’t expose your family or home to the risks of mold or mildew. Contact Nelon-Cole Moisture & Water Control Division for moisture barrier services in The Carolinas.

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